I want to request a new feature for a future release of blender. How do I do it?

I want to request a feature for Blender where you can have volumetric lights filter through transparent objects or textures giving you the sort of effect you see when shafts of light shine through a stained glass window in a church. How can I get this to happen. Any help is appreciated!

Did you even read a little down the page

Volumetric stuff is already being worked on that allows light shafts, Cuban developer Farsthary delivered the initial code and Matt Ebb (Broken) has been rewriting and enhancing it with a branch of Blender named ‘Physics’

NOTE: Branches are still the same program, but have features not found in regular releases until they get merged into SVN trunk.

A similar feature is actually in development.

But if you have any other ideas www.blenderstorm.org is good.

Edit: Woops, I was beaten to it.

A similar feature is actually in development

Similar? I personally would rather have my lights making shafts through a foggy volumetric volume then just set it in the lamp, it’s more powerful for starters because it allows a lamp to cast shafts through some areas and not through others, plus you can use procedural textures.

Good point CD.