I want to ride my bicycle

My first render here. And my first finished Blender project! Only Urchin robot is modeled in C4D. Everything else (modeling, texturing and lighting) done in Blender. Rendered in Blender 2.41 internal.

Glass derived from that given by RafikZabki. Textures are mostly my own photos, with some taken for free from NoctuaGraphics and PaulBourke`s sites. Thanks!

Have a good time…
…And be aware of your bikes!
My one just waits for the onset of the vegetation season.


Oh, I love that style. Very nice render!

For some reason, it reminded me of Rustboy, I don’t know why :-p

Wow, I just looked at their www site. I`d be really happy to achieve their level :o Thanks :slight_smile:


except for the texture on the left hand wall. but i like the texture on the bike metal. yes i am a metal man and i want to ride my bycicle of flesh.

The whole picture feels a bit unclean and noisy. If you could make a bit plainer textures I would like it.

The style is realy cool and I like the idea to!

I like the picture very much, but I just feel like the hole thing gets mesht together… %| but i like the style :smiley:

Thanks:) Regarding being unclean and noisy, I wanted it to look a bit chaotic and dirty. If you mean this, its just what I wanted to achieve. If not, excuse my beginners imperfection :stuck_out_tongue:

The wall tex really looks mad. Maybe I will manage to make some improvement to it.