I want to see the object (created from multiple meshes) solid, in game engine mode


I am new to blender.
I created a graphic from a table in a data base.
Image atached.
But when i want to export as game, i can’t shee the graphic as solid, I only see some lines.
Could you please gine my a hint how to manage to view it correct.
In the image atached, inthe left side is how my graphic looks like, after i run my python script in blender.
When i hit start in game engime , the graphic looks like the image from right.
So i want it to look like the one from left.
Can you please help me!

Here is a part of the code i used to create the graphic

def CreateBar (dbconnection):
verts = []
vertsSingle = []
faces = []

select  = 'Select  param1,param 2,param 3' 
table   = ' From table'
where   = ' Where param'

cur = dbconnection.cursor()
print (select + table + where)
print (" ")
cur.execute (select + table + where)
RowNumber = 0
for row in cur:
    if (RowNumber == 0):
        basevalue = row[2]
    dx = RowNumber/100
    dy = 1   
    dz = row[2]
    verts.append((dx,0 , 0))  
    verts.append((dx,dy , 0))
    verts.append((dx,dy ,dz-94))
    verts.append((dx,0 ,dz-94))
    ci = (RowNumber * 4) - 4
    if (RowNumber > 0):
        faces.append((ci  , ci+3, ci+7, ci+4))
        faces.append((ci+3, ci+2, ci+6, ci+7))
        faces.append((ci+2, ci+6, ci+5, ci+1))
        faces.append((ci+1, ci+5, ci+4, ci  ))
        faces.append((ci+4, ci+5, ci+6, ci+7)) 
    RowNumber = RowNumber + 1   

mesh   = bpy.data.meshes.new(''+'Mesh') 
object = bpy.data.objects.new('',mesh) 
object.location = (0,0,0)