I want to share all my blend files. [update on #1 post]

I want to show my techniques and my works, but I have no
time to make tutorials, and my english is bad for this…
All material is copyrighted, so don’t use for commercial products (or drop an email and we talk about).

So here you will find my .blend files.
Maybe the links will not works on the end of the months (because of the donwload limits per month).




This could be REALY interresting, Endi. I like your work. I don’t have any web space though. I just wanted to say it’s a great idea. Please someone find some web space.

if you can’t find anything better i could ask about two servers i know …one’s a school server (pretty crappy, but the admin’s a good friend of mine - also a blenderhead), and the other is one of a open-source driven (and supporting) free cybercafe i work at.

wow endi! :o

you are going open source with this, I mean with your art? %|

hi Endi, maybe I could host this stuff for you.
I’m on a university Network with 100mbps and a direct uplink to the national surfnet backbone.
The only problem is that I’m currently hosting a ut2003 server and I don’t know if that gets bogged down when I host so much graphical stuff.
I also have little experience with setting up my own webserver.

The monthly upload maximum is 40 gb. don’t know if that’s to little.

wow :wink:

I think I must buy a copy of ut2003 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only used the demo before :stuck_out_tongue:

where is the ut2003 url?

here’s the website of the clan I’m hosting the server for.


i don’t play ut2003 myself cause my pc is a little to slo forr thhat (athlon 550 with gf2mx :-? )

the people that i am building a website for has 500 megs availible but i dont think that they would be to happy with me if i let you use it.

i would love to help.

i’ll ask on the mailing list of our cybercafe…

can’t the Foundation site host his works?

you’ll get an account shortly on our cybercafe’s/open-source learning institute’s homepage …i sent you an e.mail (the one i found on your homepage) concerning that

Yes Yes Yes
I am impressed from your job. This news is incredible. Fantastic, you are much generous.
Thanks for all.

I will manage my blend files to upload (decreasing file size, optimizing the texture sizes etc.). This will take 2-3 weeks.

ok, no problems here.
we’ll have enough place for it, when you find time to upload. as i said in the mail, just tell me if you’ll have any (cgi) scripts, or do you just need an ordinary ftp account. also i’d like to know what username do you want to use. will you mind if we make it into pages (someday)? …maybe add some comments to it? …because we were already thinking of making a blender tutorial page someday. …of course you’ll be listed as the author (at least!).

the upload/download probably won’t be a problem, because we should get a 100MB link some time now (hopefully!), and if it will be a problem, we can still make it a bittorrent server.

p.s. do you use your mail account? (the one on your page)? well, in any case email me for the details.

Of course SBUP (http://sbup.jyscomputers.com is willing to host you. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]

Hey, I have 5 blends ready to upload!
So where I can upload?

Now I am happy. I do not have much space. Who can donate the space for the jobs of generous endi

well, if nothing else works, drop me a pm/email, and we’ll work something out.


i told you already, the open-source powered free cybercafe/cyber-community would be more then happy to provide you as much space as you need, the link we have is good (check http://www.cyberpipe.org - that’s us), and yes, of course it’s free.

just drop me an e-mail ( [email protected] )

This is 4 blend file uploaded.
I will remove this files on 1-2 weeks.
So please somebody download this files and upload somewhere.
I will happy, I somebody will make a html page with pictures and links to the zip files.
Sorry, I have no time!