Hullo yet again :slight_smile:
After long hours of printing tutorials (I can’t switch between reading a website and working on blender at the same time, it sucks, I like to have the pages handy) and lon sessions I am finally proud to announce that I’ve been able to put most of what I’ve learned (so far, I still got a loooooooong road ahead) and put it into a 5 second (DIVX encoded) movie and I do have to send my thanks to many of you here and especially to the person who recommended me to use DIVX… it cut a HUUUUUGE difference in MB encoding if I were to use the regular codecs that come with blender. (at first, the vid was 10 mb long, now it’s barely half a mb)
I did two versions, one with OSA turned on at 8, and another with OSA, Mblur and toon shading (just the lizard though) the vid doesn’t look like much now, but it’s a big step to me in comparison to when I first started using blender and doing small scenes with downloaded star wars ships and buildings. At least I can claim I MADE this lizard, I USED the noise to make the ground look like it is and I MADE the rocks all by myself. As I said, it’s not much now I know… but I wanted to use all that I know and learned of blender on this 5 sec vid… one problem though… I don’t know how you guys post the vids so other people can see them (LOL!) can u guys help me out a bit?

Hullo :smiley:

just type in the URL for the video like: www.yourhomepage.com/Folder/video.avi
The Media player starts automatically…

Waiting to see your video. :smiley:


Are you still around? As noone responded to your question for a while, maybe you went off. I’d love to see your video. I am at the stage you were at, facing the prospect of printing all those tutorials out.


Big prob… don’t have my own website! any help there?

Usually your ISP gives you some space to host a webpage on. You actually dont even need a webpage, just a place to host your vids.


I’m working from an ethernet connection at school :frowning: no ISP

I would like to see your video, so e-mail it to this address.

I will post it up over the weekend, how does that sound?

[email protected]


does anybody know of a website where I can post my vid? like an album? then simply I’ll just send you guys the URL link?

Sup yall,… just thought this bit of info could be handy.


Youll need an FTP program (thats “File Transfer Protocal” to all you non-knowers)

other than that its completly free, they support just about any format your heart desires,… quicktime, windows media, real video, mpg,…
I use it to stream videos to my website (wich by the way you could check out right here… www.anigmafilms.cjb.net)

hope this helps,. let me know if you have any probs gettin started!

I Finally did it!!! here’s the URL to my quickie test lizard movie :slight_smile:


UPDATE: Currently I’m also working on making a 3 or 5 horned dragon, using the same method as the lizard, I gotta admit, after having read through all the tutorials, I’ve improved.

UPDATE2: being a college student, I got access to the 3d design computers that I will hopefully use one of these semesters. They had 3ds Max 6 (educational edition) and, I hate to say this, but after like 5 minutes. I thought… This sucks!!! I ended up begging for a comman that was at least somewhat similar to blender. 20 mins passed and I ended up getting frustrated. the only thing I could do well was choose from the programs library of pre-made trees and I thought, this sucks even worse! are you telling me that proffesional programmers who use 3ds max are just that damn lazy to make their own trees, they need the program to do it? (mind you, I don’t mean to offend any animators here who use 3ds max… I just feel that with those options, I feel like the program isn’t really encouraging me to learn and be creative) Sorry if I offended any 3ds max users out there, I just feel that paying 3000 dollars on a program that, to begin with, you could get for free (in the guise of blender) and has not only all the options of 3ds max, but it has extra features as well… sorry but I’d rather go with blender. Blender rocks! and I hope that it will remain a free software till the end of time, especially for people like me who wish to do animation, but don’t have the money to pay for it.

anywho. here’s the same link, only in orange so you can click on it, in case the URL above doesn’t work.