I want to share my models and textures I have a reason to do so-

I have used and loved Blender form many years. I started to use blender when NaN was selling the key to unlock the game engine. I leaned python because of Blender, I leaned about open source software because of Blender. Blender is more then software it’s a community of people who have vision, imagination and talent.
I am dying. I want to share my models and textures to any one in the Blender community who wants them.
I don’t know of a good and free site where I can up load my files??
Thank You

Wtf. Dying??? Are you serious? :frowning:

:eek:…:eek:…huh:( Diying?

For a first post you nearly killed me.
I don’t know what to say of ‘This is better be a joke’ so you’ll live or 'If this is a joke I’ll kill you" but, please God, let it be a bad joke anyway.
In any case the Blender Model Repository is the likely place for you.

Have courage.


o_O random… :eek:

no joke
I’m sick
I want share my models and textures.

My passion in life is modeling and rendering–
I need to know something I made has a life of it’s own, I want someone to look at one of my model and feel, think " wow I want to make something like this". I want to share my passion.
their is nothing random or untruthful about my post
I wish my post was random or untruthful

I setup a account at The Official Blender Model Repository
my user name is oilbane

Good enough.

Stay tuned for feedback.



Thats sad…

… and very human, beautiful.


Is touching your love to this software and community…

My best.

what i meant, was that it was random in the sense that you came with such a sad message out of the blue… :frowning: ats all… will have to check your models out though(its nice of you to share)

you can also use uploader.polorix.net and then you can link to them in posts.

(in my opinion) that will let your models will get more views and downloads.