I want to show WINDOW BACKGROUND IMAGE in blender

I’d like to impliment “WINDOW BACKGROUND IMAGE” functionality into blender.
As far as I know,“Themes” in blender only consist of colors. We can set the color for every kind of ui element in blender.But we can’t set background images for the window.I mean the background image of the window itself,not the background image in the 3d view scene.It’s something like firefox’s themes .Look at my attachment.
There seems no way to achieve this via the Python API. So I’m ready to modify the C code of blender.Where should I begin with?Which source file?Which function?


see view3d_draw.c - view3d_main_area_clear()

Oh,the forum said my message too short.

I can’t possibly fathom why you’d want this. Just more visual clutter.