I want to start modeling characters but dont know where to start!

Hi guys…

So i just want to ask whether anyone could refer to me to a couple tutorials online which could assist me in starting to model characters… That is the reason i originally started using blender… However, iv tried many times and iv tried many tutorials and always end up getting stuck… iv invested money into tutorials but end up with buyers regret due to the tutorials being too complex…

Youtube tutorials dont help me understand why certain things are being done… i want to understand why i am doing whatever i am doing as i model a character in blender. I feel lost… and demotivated… however… i want to create characters but maybe i have just been looking in the wrong places.

Can anyone help me please?

Well the first thing you do is draw a character sheet. With the character from front and side if it’s a bipedal, additional from above if it’s quadrupedal.

Hey man. thank you for your reply i appreciate it. as it stands i do have concepts which i downloaded that i would like to model, however, i just have no clue where to begin modeling on these concepts… everything seems a little daunting at the moment.

What do you have so far?
I suggest modeling some simple low poly box characters and then learning to rig them, it’s easier to model something when you have an idea of what the end product should look like.

thus far i have 4 failed attemtps… however, i failed to start off simple and dove straight into the deep end… i will post some images of what i have been doing once i am home infront of my pc again… i will also take your advice and work on something simple to begin with.

Indeed, I think you have to start as low poly as possible, then add a subsurfmodifier (which is also for checking if your topology is not to bad) and rig it. Make a few models. I think that way you learn faster then diving into the deep.

To model: Start with a box, use for now ONLY Extrude, inset and loopcuts.
Usefull modifiers: Mirror, subsurf.

I like this tutorial for modelling a character and animating it. You can see if this is for you:

This is one of my favorite character modeling series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3hf6n0a9MjPRUCCKAUrXP98kbCcEcG-u

David Ward is just great – I love his style.

Thank you so much everyone… Its great to have such a strong community backing one another. I will post my successful attempts as well. Can’t wait to get going!

Hey, I’ve made many characters in the past (over 100) (I can present exemples :P) and I always start by this order (this assumes you already have a reference image, it’s just the modeling part):

1- Eyes
2- Nose
3- Brows
4- Face
5- Head
6- Ears
7- Hair

8- Neck
9- Trunk
10- Arms
11- Legs
12- Hands
13- Fingers
14- Feet
15- Toes

16 - Cloth (again starting from top to down)
17 - Ornaments

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this… il give this a go… please do present me with some of your work im interested in seeing what youv done.

Thank you

Sure! You can see some of my professional work on the galery page

On this “about” page you can see 10 animated lowpoly characters Avatars (scrool down a bit):

And finaly you can see some I made for my self:

I have plenty more but are under client agreements of privacy.

Hey Biskitman05 & everybody else :smiley:,

can you tell which tutorials you purchased? I’m just curious.

In case you want to create some low-poly characters for maybe a game or so, there are pretty great tutorials on creating characters, rigging and animating them from Sebastian Lague.
Here is a link to a playlist for beginners:

In case you want to go for game-dev there is another pretty good playlist (and also a game creation playlist together with brackeys)

I hope this helps you and every other lost fellow, greetings