I want to vector blur 1 rend layer and composite

I have an anim where I want only 1 of the objects vector blurred.

I’ve seperated that object onto its own render layer and blurred it, but now I’m not sure what technique to use to composite it with the other layers. Alpha Over won’t work as it moves behind and infront of the other objects, mix makes it tranparent, I though z combine might do it but i can’t get a result.

Am I going to be able to do what I want?


Yes, but you’ll have to split up your render layers so that there’s a layer each for things behind your blurred object, your blurred object, and things in front of your blurred object. Then you should be able to just use Alpha Over. As you’ve noticed, the Z combine doesn’t work well because it uses the original un-antialiased Z values, no the blurred ones…

thanks broken, i’m relieved to know that I wasn’t missing something obvious. it’s a nice set of tools. it will be interesting to see what sort of thing is done with them.