I want use ActionStrip with python, Big problem!

Hello, i want make an animation script for animating some text and object and for this i want use the NLA module because i don’t want make a Ipo curve for each letter and object.
In fact i think that better solution is to make one Ipo Curve per action (example : hide or not the text or object) and use the function Object.getAction() for assign the action to object and control it with ActionStrip.

I see that NLA is also useful for Armature thus i create a bone and parent it with my text.

    armature = Armature.New("armature") 
    armObj = scn.objects.new(armature) 
    armature.drawType = Armature.STICK 
    eb = Armature.Editbone()  
    eb.name = 'toto' 
    eb.head = Vector(0,1,0)  
    eb.tail = Vector(0,0,0)  
    eb.options = [Armature.HINGE] 
    armature.bones['toto'] = eb  

Then i create a IPO curve for the bone, but I have 2 types of curve : Object and Action,
When I use Action type, i animate bone with Pose module and I can control it with ActionStrip module BUT the text don’t move.
Then when i use Object type curve, bone and text move together but I have no channel in my action screen and i can’t use ActionStrip.

The solution is to find a methode for activate channel Action for my Object curve automaticaly and not manually.
I think it is impossible :spin: