I was bored, so here is something to play with http://www.bandafu.com/squigly.html

I was really bored, so I programmed this in javascript during finals. Play with it a bit, its addictive. Eventually I might make it have babies like the one I did in C#.

I’m honored that you’d name your web toy after me. You misspelled my name, tho. Two 'G’s.

It’s fun to play with for a minute or two.

The misspelling is intentional. I don’t like my pages/code to be spelled with real words… It might conflict with an existing function/class/variable/whatever.

You should make it move on every frame, instead of depending on your mouse to move, because I noticed that if you just barely jiggle your mouse a pixel or so, he does a very nice dance. If you made him try to follow your mouse using a frame event he’d look like he’s swimming.

Oh yes, the dance is the result of floating point precision math that prevents each segment from getting too close to the previous segment, and each segment not having too large an angle. But on the downloadable one, on my other website in C#, it sorta does that: A giant pink one gives birth to pink and blue babies that proceede to mate intelegently and learn from hitting the wall and then die. I want to eventually convert this code to javascript, but i think it might be very hard.

Awesome, completely useless but totally awesome.

It has something about it which makes it seem nice and alive.