I Was Just sculpting and my texture paint went black on some parts of my mesh

So I am a moderate beginer when it come to blender and I am tying to see anything that gives tips on this but i can not seem to know what to look up. hopefully you all could help!

Dynamic sculpt? If your base mesh topology got modified then the UV coordinate data might have gone with it. Or it could be as simple as the normals on those vertices and/or faces got flipped…

yes it is a dynamic sculpt and the normals were not flipped, I have tried to flip but it was clear that wasnt the case. I am at a loss, Thank you for the quick reply, it is very much appreciated Felix!

Ok i have figured that I have lost the UV coordinate data, is the any way to retrieve it again?

Nope. You should only use dyntopo for initial prototype sculpting. Once you are creating textures and what not you should be past the point where you use dyntopo.

You can however just reunwrap and try to match the texture from previous unwrap as best you can. But you will keep running into this issue if you keep using dyntopo as you are now.

If for an example you are using dyntopo to sculpt a terrain for game development purposes then I’d recommend setting up a procedural texturing nodegraph for the object.

Use object or generated coordinates and you won’t have an issue with UVs if you aren’t using them in the first place.