I was modeling now I cant find my hidden objects help

Hello, I was making my first project from a reference image it is a bone hand all was well till today I use “H” and “alt + H” to hide and unhide the bones as I work on them but now I have hidden all but one bone and I cant get them back, I have not deleted them as they are on the right side in the outliner. Is there a place I can upload my file so someone can tell me how to get them back? I have also lost my layers selection box at the bottom of the 3D View screen. Excellent thanks all.

Sounds like you are in Local View. To go back to Global View press numpad / or look in the View menu

Thank you Richard that was it! Im a beginner who will feel sheepish many times more like today as I learn blender :slight_smile: its good to have this site and people here to save the day!