I was sculpting Aphrodite. Then my mother said, That's a man! :(

(Uthu Santuhan) #1

Would you pin poin my mistakes, that made this sculpt turns into a dude?

Many thanks!


(nancycat) #2

try changing the mouth to something more “heart-shaped” - especially the upper lip.
from the side the eyes look “off”, as if the lids are meeting too far back.

(alf0) #3

the nick looks to muscular

(Uthu Santuhan) #4

How about now?

Chinese mom?

(nancycat) #5

with mustach?
her upper lip just looks too thin

(Uthu Santuhan) #6

So? Now?

What differs Asian from Caucasian?

That heart shape is dope!

(JA12) #7


(Uthu Santuhan) #8

(Uthu Santuhan) #9

Thank you people!

(Uthu Santuhan) #10

Perfect Aprodhite (Cry)

I failed baking a normal in cycles. So freakin hard