I Went Fishing

Here’s a little image. Kind of a “golden memories” type of picture.
Rendered for 33.5 hours in Blender Internal. Enjoy! C & C appreciated though the project is done.

Thats seriously awsome. I love it.
How do you ripples in the water like that?

It really worths those 33 hours! :slight_smile:

My only crit: child’s pose bugs me. I think his shoulders and neck are too stiff, he should nod his head, not his neck like if it was a stick.

The bridge, the grass, rocks, water and everything, deserve much more than five stars! :slight_smile:

I agree with pKrime on all three points. my only other crit: too much sss on the child. it looks like it crossed over the line from exaggerated sss to rubber. still a wonderful image though

Nice, great modeling and rendering (especially on the grass to the right, that looks amazing.) The only thing that could be improved slightly is possibly the lighting. It’s good right now, but if the shadows were’s so harsh you’d be able to see more of the image.
Or maybe its’ just my monitor.

But yeah, great job, I like the crows up there on the bridge :wink:

the kid and the wobly wood are the only things that aren’t really great about this

wow. How many particles do you have? Does my computer even know such numbers?
I agree that the kid looks a bit over-SSSed and so on, but those are just details.
The overall impression is great.

Holy crap thats awesome! :smiley:

Very nice :cool:, the way the water goes around that center support beam is awesome, the clouds look a little bit 2D and the rocks a little too round, but the rest of the image is great, especially the grass.

Thanks, anyone have pointers to how to reduce the amount of SSS? I’ve basically got it turned off it’s so low and still it looks a bit overdone. Thanks for the comments.

FloorPlay: The ripples are done with the wave modifier. Least the ones coming off of the bob thing. I just made the objects center where the bob is.

I think pose is cool - some tension present - but he look to the rod.

I like the wood and everything else, the kid is bugging the piss out of me. He is soo… ugly… fixim!

I think the wood and the sky dictate a sort of watercolor feel that the kid and the rocks don’t follow. The problem with the kid is that it looks too doll like, IMHO, which isn’t wrong in itself, but it doesn’t contrast well with the rest of the image. The rocks down the river could do some improving, I think the rock that’s in the middle of the grass looks great, why don’t you use that same texture on the other rocks?

Other than that, its a lovely picture(yes, lovely). Great illumination. How did you do the sky?

Thanks for your comments.

ne_mo: his eyes kinda look like they’re focused on the rod, but he is looking at the bob thingy in the water.

watchthis: Dude thanks for the comments, but you have to tell me what you dont like about the kid, cause I obviously tried to make him how I like him, so you’ll have to tell me what you think looks ugly or it doesn’t help.

Cosimo_0: Thanks for the comment. How does the kid look like a doll? The rocks could use work. I agree that the rocks in the grass look better, but they are the same texture. They are vertex painted though. Part of the reason for just leaving it how it is with the rocks is because of the long render time and because I have lots of other work to get onto. The sky is a plane that curves behind the horizion with a cloud and blend texture mapped to it. It’s set to alpha with the could texture’s alpha button clicked and the blends emit. There are other changes too. The world has a blend texture on it to bring the colors.

Thanks again for your comments.

thats a LONG time to render O_O
nice image tho :smiley:

That is incredible Crititrozoz! I wish I had some of your blender skills. The lighting is fantastic, and the scene just looks great. I do have to agree with you though that the SSS looks overdone, even if the settings are low. Also the rocks in the water look rather bland.

Apart from that though, it’s definitely worth 5 stars!
Great stuff! Cuby

Nice work. I agree that the kid looks a little stiff, but you could take that either way. The riple could be from a fish and he is tense or the riple is from the bobber and he just casted.

Hey! I have something to say about your water…I grew up in place like that and fishing was a part of my life. What bothers me is:

  1. The foam that coming from your rocks or ripples tells me that you have quite a stream in the water.According to that the ripples from your float wd not be that around , plus the flot wd make its own ripples , coz water is moving and the float not.
  2. You fishing line must be stretched
    Thats all I can add to other guys crit-s
    The rest I really like a lot…I like the way you do stuff - its unique

Very nice! Good light and grass!

nice blending, that is some serious grass!