I will render your images

Need your images rendered while you work on other projects? I’ll do it for you, prices are as fallows, 5 hours and up 600$ 3 hours and up 300$
1 hour and up 100$ 30 min and up 40$ 10 min and up 15$ and anything under 10 min is 10$. Still images only no animations. My email is [email protected]

and please make sure all textures, cameras and and lights are set up properly, if however you need me to set up the camera for different shots I will do so for an extra 10$ lighting set up 10$

Send me your project and I’ll give you an estimate of the time it will take to render.

Wrong section, this is for PAID WORK only.

Now that’s an offer! Renderfarms are closing their business!

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The Jobs forums are for offers of work, not soliciting your services.

Those prices are ridiculous

Unless you have 50 pieces of nvidia 1080s, or something

But I salute you for trying !