I will try 2 change + ->Ma-rating


I recently noticed a new trend, of angry monsters stalking my every move,

It does not bother me, so much as it makes me giggle,

people and there silly rules :slight_smile:

any way, this gives me a idea for a side project,

I was thinking of a game, that the more you post trailing long flowing threads, the more “stars” I will pin on your avatar, and If you can find the elusive smiling monster, to give it/him a hug, and tell it everything is ok, and pixels are free and so is he!

What do you think?

we love our ornery lil monsters :slight_smile:

Quite a lot of your posts make little sense, anyways, and your nerve wrecking inability to edit posts to prevent long walls of text does not bode in your favor, and you also, sometimes, derail threads.

Project something like that, please. I’d give you much praise.

I will try :slight_smile:

I am just a silly person I guess,
If you tell me not to do something…

I help people, where I can, and don’t try and be annoying, I was born that way…

Do you have a game in progress?

I code logic, and if you don’t understand me, ask me what I mean,
I am probably trying to help :slight_smile:

I got my silly little block coded, and my game moves forward,

I think you are being very rude towards Monster.

As for “rules”… remember, it’s a privilege to participate here, not a right. Follow the rules or loose the privilege, it’s really that simple.

I have never seen a rule anywhere that says not to post

I am not trying to be rude, I am just thinking this is a little ridiculous :slight_smile:

I will help anyone I can,
I am sorry If I am me,

if you don’t like me that much

mute me…

you don’t help me anyway :slight_smile:

My homeboy needs a bit of guidance and some breathing before posting. He’s not a bad person, just a bit too eager to be useful and spends a whole lot of time scheming grand things and creating wondrous worlds and wants to be loved. He also has a lot of time on his hands and is a bit young and naive.

He just needs to edit posts and start making sense and read what he writes three times before hitting “Post Reply” and improve his writing. My homeboy is still a learner and needs a bit of time.

Let’s all give our love to my homeboy @BluePrintRandom so he knows he’s accepted in our breast, shall we?


I am a slightly broken person,
but we all are,
I am flawed, because I am human,
I have time, before my baby gets up, to tinker/play/dream

then I don’t,

But I really do just want to help/be helped
I live in the middle of nowhere, and don’t know anyone,
I have a daughter, who will never be able to talk, (she can use a tablet to talk @ 2.5)
I have a girlfriend, who does not care about what I care about,

so without blender artists, I am alone…

I do need guidance, but also some of you need to slow down on judging people,
I have tested a IQ of 166…

No one is implying that he is. The issue is his posting considerations.

No one is saying you can’t be you but that does not justify this behaviour.

See? My homeboy is human after all and has babies. He’s also very intelligent, so there. Love all around, folks. My treat.

What I find funny is when I first noticed you pop up on BAF, your post count was about 1000 or so. And now look at it! 1785! I have been here like 3 years and I only have around 800. :frowning: I can’t see my post count until I post this. . .

I was under a rock for a while…

This thread is clearly of-topic, but i keep it here for a while. This gives every reader a chance to post what she/he thinks how to behave in this forum. If you do please remain objective. I need feedback as well.

Dear bluePrintRandom,

I’m surely not happy to stumble over your hard to read posts. But I am a moderator of this forum and I have to care especially after receiving complains about your behavior. After reviewing I saw that others gave you clear hints what to avoid and what not. For some reasons you decided to ignore them.

I’m really happy that you stopped to submit off-topic posts. Thank you for that. But that was not all I wrote to you.

Maybe you missed that we indeed have rules. You can find them in the menu of this website. We expect from ALL members to follow them.

This forum judges you on what you post and how you post. I know you want to appear professional. Unfortunately this involves to show professional behavior. I can’t teach you professionalism, I’m just a moderator. Learning this is up to you.

Things I want from you as moderator:
A) Read the forum rules
B) Stop submitting consecutive posts.
C) Stop advertising your game projects all the time
D) Do not submit off-topic posts (see post #3)

Some recommendations as a forum user:

This is a forum, not your personal blog. In a forum you should avoid posting after your own posts. It disturbs the thread flow as a reader expects a dialogue not a monologue. Rare exceptions are usually tolerated.
If you need a blog, there are enough options available, but not here.

This is a forum not a chat room. So you have enough time to format your text, review it, correct it and make it as understandable as possible. I know it is hard, but you have enough time. Believe me it is worth.
If you want to chat, there are a few blender chats out there.

This is a forum. Here you can request help and even help others. Nobody can help you if your post are not understandable.
I can’t benefit from help if I do not understand what is meant.

I want to have one topic in one thread. This is simple. This is easy. This is helpful. Even there tolerances are high, but do not overuse them.

You can even edit your posts. For example to add later ideas.

You can even present yourself. But I expect you to keep this separate from other topics. Please keep the right things at the right place.

Is there a way to limit his posts per day to maybe 3 ?

well put Monster

I don’t think that would be right to do that to just one member of the community.

i agree, this will force him to stop spamming/edit/think better what he posts, atleast for a time

Is there a way to limit my problems to 3 a day?

What does it hurt I ask?

I am trying to promote myself, the BGE and everyone on Blender artists.org

I am myself, you are your self, I don’t “spam” I sometime draw inspiration, and occasionally help from other threads,
I don’t try and detract, I try to add,

No one understood my “Component cube” problem, no matter how I explained it, it works now by the way :slight_smile:

Keep complaining about me posting, in the meantime, I will help everyone I can, and try not to make anyone angry,
if you want to help me go ahead,

I will try not to make you look bad,
if you don’t try and make me look bad,

I don’t own a company, I am not soliciting web hits, I am trying to build a team, and take over the world, is that so much to ask?

and I ask…
What are you doing currently?

Reading this thread which has nothing to do with ‘Game Engine Support and Discussion’ …

Does the Vbulletin software this forum runs on even have that option? If it did, then it could possibly teach him the merits of editing his posts, but all the software in the world will not teach someone if there’s no desire to improve and learn.

I don’t think that would be right to do that to just one member of the community.

In my opinion, using such techniques to discipline a user could provide a useful function as a second tier of discipline that is above a warning, but lower than a ban. In this case, it would force an editing routine that will teach the merits of using the ‘edit’ button.

It all depends on what the software allows, but it might be good to have it on the table for all members.

Well what I see here is the one person that is trying to help you and someone you would truly benefit from letting help you, you are openly mocking. If you want to be helpful and respected here there would be no one better to try and emulate than Monster.

Your personality or defining character is a poor excuse for unwanted behavior in an enviroment where you and you alone have total control on what is projected to the community.

I am me, you are you, I did not think I was hurting anything, I guess from now on, I can do Delete thread?

how do I even do that?

If I double post, I kill a kitten? is that it?

does a poor boy in Malaysia fall into a pile of pieces?

I ask sir, what your goal is here,
mine is to help

At least I don’t pretend to be some robot,
I am professional at getting results,

I have made in real life

A thermite cannon
A Plasma Accelerating Helical antenna
A Rail Gun


I am now tackling cyber space, and then who knows,
I ask again, what are you working on these days?

O.S.H.W.A is in it’s infancy, but I have people who pledge to build it for me, once I get the kinks out, some day your grand kid might be able to walk because of it…
and yes the idea is bigger then me, until I bring it to it’s knees kicking and screaming,

Anti-Rep-Rap again bigger then me, but still on it’s way to production

and finally Wrectified, Though everything once was broken, it is all coming together now…
help me, or limit me, I will still win, regardless of your sillyness…

What do you hope for? me to roll all my chaotic thoughts into a nice wrapper?
I can’t really do that, as you may have noticed, but this again, is me…