i, windup robot (animation)

Some of you might recall my windup robot speed model posted earlier this year. Well, I finally made a little animation of it :slight_smile:

Truthfully, this is not all that great. Personally, it’s a very important step for me. The lighting, walk cycle, camera, etc. need much more work, but I DO plan on using this character again and will, in future animation sequences, improve much upon the rigging, IPOs, materials, and all other areas.

For now, just consider this a bit of a teaser until the next installment of “i, windup robot” :wink:

Click here to download and view the animation (approx. 1.4MB; AVI, DIVX encoded, with sound)


Heh, lol nice.

Well, I need to give you some well deserved credit for tackling the animation side of things. It is one area that I have never really tried, even though I have said I was going to do it on more than one occasion.

This is really not that bad. A little jerky in spots, but it’s a robot. Plus, the toy just doesn’t have that many moving parts to start with, which makes it a good candidate for learning.

Keep up the good work Robertt and best of luck with learning to animate.


Cool work mate. Excellent attention to detail as usual. (Especially the winder revolving and the inner leg parts.)

Maybe you could use the Massive clone and instigate a war between these fellows. :smiley:

Any further anim plans?


mr_rob: Thanks :slight_smile:

BgDM: I really appreciate your reply, BgDM. As I shift some more attention to this side of Blender, I see so many possibilities yet also areas I have much to learn. This is a somewhat involved setup, complete with Bezier paths, constraints, parenting, empties and more – things I’ve used before but in new ways here, which was fun. Not easy to do, either but definitely worth braving all the frustration and multiple setbacks it seems :slight_smile: I will continue to work at it all.

Sonix: Thank you very much Sonix. Yes, my long term goals include creating many different types of animations, so I definitely have my work cut out for me! I currently have some sequences in the works. It takes a while to work through it all though. There are some characters I have posted here before that I would also like to revisit and animate at some point (e.g. Xytherra). My primary focus will continue to be on static art for a long time to come, as I still have tons to learn there too :slight_smile: Yes, soooo much to do…

/me needs a personal renderfarm! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll split the costs with you mate. :smiley:

It’s time I got back into animation, now the new particle systems are in 2.34 and emitters and armatures now have no probs, all my old ideas are now possible.

Good to see you branching into this side of things.