I wish blender 2.8 had a decent align tool like this one here

This is from the bmax addon and it is the best align tool for blender but unfortunately it for 2.79 and i don’t have enough experience to only get that specific feature in 2.8

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Don’t we all.

Yes we are since blender is missing a lot of basic tools that would make the switch easier for newcomers.

just use Spacebar and type align objects
then it will appear in tool bar

happy bl

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I wish spacebar search was default, you will have to change that in the settings.

just press F3 and you got spacebar !

happy bl

hi, it just so happens I added Align tools/advanced align addon to release.

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I am a happy man now since there is a developer who took bmax and port it to 2.8 and the align tool is now working + he is adding a lot of functionalities from 3ds max like quad menu and editable primitive and many more.

A big thank you to Nasser the developer and he is very talented.

Here the link for those who want that swift align tool ; https://nevilart.blogspot.com/2019/02/bsmax.html

Hi Ricky

I tried this one but it give me an error when i chose pivot and you cannot move the window and honestly it is not as intuitive as the bsmax one.