I wish Blender's file window would have this button

The OS will always beat whatever Blender file window will have for file capabilities. Example: Many times I need to research what kinds of files are part of where I want to open a Blender file. I have to exit Blender’s file explorer and use the one from the OS.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to offer a “find in folder” button that opens the OS file browser. That would open the folder we are browsing in Blender’s file browser.

Currently, I would have to copy the address in Blender’s file address, open the Windows Explorer then paste the address in the file browser search for the file there.

That does not sound like professional software, right?

Hi, @DragonSkunk2. I appreciate that you gave an example of the use case for an OS-specific file window, but I don’t really understand what you mean by “researching what kinds of files” means. Can you elaborate? Are you specifically talking about the ability to search through a folder using the Blender File Browser? There is already a search feature built in to the file browser using Ctrl+F. See the manual page here for details:

You can’t investigate all content of a folder unless you exit Blender and use the OS file browsing system. To only be able to browse for a file specific to the intended search for is limiting, it is handy but also inconvenient. What If I want to know if the texture file is in the same folder as my blend file or the wav or mp3 file is in that same folder. I am unable to know that unless I search by going to different parts of Blender or using OS file browser.

If you have a [ view all files ] option or open the [ view in OS folder ] option, something to help with finding what I need within the Blender file explorer window would be ideal.

Au contraire…

…use the Filter drop-down.

If the filter shows the file you’re looking for isn’t in the blend file’s folder, you can always use File > External Data > Report Missing Files... or Find Missing Files.... With Find Missing Files... just point Blender to your home folder and let Blender do the work.


I am very grateful for you teaching me how to view files in Blender.
Thanks gtomorrow

It’s the damn funnel! This is so basic, why am I so unintuitive with Blender?

I’ve always had the problem where when importing a .dae or something I accidentally click import .obj or something, then the .dae doesn’t show up in the folder. Thanks for showing me about the filter button! It fixed my problem.

Although, what about combining all the import buttons into one, then using a drop down menu in the file browser to choose which filetype you’re importing? It sucks to have to close the file browser and rechoose the correct filetype. Or what about only one import button and Blender just uses the correct importer based on the file extension? Are there any cases where you’d want to use a .obj importer on a .dae? If not, then you could import multiple file types in one click, rather than using multiple importers. Bad idea? Good idea?

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I agree, just have Open and/or Import and let the selection of the file(s) change the open options to suit the file(s) selected. Ya know, similar to everyone else?

Why not open 3 audio files 2 obj files and 4 jpg’s in one go? Maybe with improvements of the asset browser they might incorporate that?

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That would be insane! :astonished:

It’s no big deal, video editors can open images video audio in one go why not Blender?

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I believe that’s because the import / export filters are addons and not part of blender itself. Blender can open .blend files. All the other formats are managed by the addons session.