I wish the community remainded based here.

(IamInnocent) #1

Timothy has done some wonderful work when salvaging what was left of us after the last Blenderwreck. If we ever retrieve the treasure of info that was the former NaN Community Forums, I wish that it could be integrated here, if possible (yikes!), in one form or another.

Of course that’s only if Timothy agrees.

The money from the Foundation that would be allocated to the maintenance of the forums could be given to him.

I think that the passage to a new era for Blender would be much easier and fair that way.

(rivenwanderer) #2

I think the proposal said something about integrating with elysiun… I’ll bet that ton and kib will work something out to the community’s benefit.

(IngieBee) #3

They’ll probably rename it or something, to reflect the Blender name, but, as I understand it, this forum will be used.

Timothy has done an excellent job, heck, I was thinking about it last night. I think he has done more for blender by saving the community during these months, than can be measured. If he haddn’t stepped in, Blender could have disappeared, really!

Love Ingie