I wonder if they can make me a nice comfy ninja suit...

and met with the best experts in the industry in order to ensure that our clients walk away feeling at ease, knowing they are—in fact—dressed for success. No matter the conditions—rain, shine, or even snow—our clients are readily clothed in the best garments tailored precisely for their lifestyle.
At Garrison, we take pride in building relationships and trust with each and every one of our clients. That’s why, this year, it was crucial that we offer our clients a true bespoke suit. We created the bullet-proof suit to keep our clients safe during their travels to dangerous places for work. We wanted to create a lightweight garment that not only looks professional, but can also act as reliable body armor. The idea was to create a stylish and discreet alternative to wearing a bulky bullet proof vest underneath a suit. This way, our clients wouldn’t have to worry about looking awkward during meetings, and they can travel to work feeling comfortable, safe, and confident. It’s safe to say, we are able to make what our competitors can’t — a true custom bullet proof bespoke suit.

A comfy nija suit would do all of us jest fine. Outdoors where we likes it. Have to meet with the clients in the industry.