I would like to do some texturing on objects similar to Enrico Cerica's as seen below

https://www.myline.be/index.php/en/category/60-old-micro-brewery-bar On the door and window arches, which uv mapping addon’s or blender tools should I use? Thanks, Brent

I have modeled a door arch similar to the one in the sitting room in the above link. It has 2 rows of tiles in the arch. All the seperate tiles and grout lines are modeled. Now I am going to download a bathroom tile texture from polliigon. This is a tiled texture with grout lines. What I need to do is use the ceramic material on my modeled tiles and the grout material on my modeled grout lines. How do I do this? Because I am just adding materials to seperate geometry I am thinking I don’t have to uv map this but just drop the materials on the selected geometry. Do I open the tiled tile texture in my image editor and then select the ceramic part of the image and apply it to my selected geometry and then do the same with the grout?

Can someone tell me how to add the material or texture. Thanksdoor arch double tile 4 finished grout.blend (683 KB)

I believe I am figuring this out but please do not close this thread until I am sure. Thanks, Brent

Can someone tell me where I went wrong. The marble is applied to the bottom right corner of the arch.Thanks


to asign additional materials to one object,you have to first unwrap the object.then select in edit mode the faces ,you want to place the material,and then asign it.for more different materials ,you need to make a additional material slot, to your object material slot you are use.

Thank you pixelgrip. I have it working now.

Here are some pictures. I will still make some changes. Textures are from Polliigon. I will post further changes tomorrow. Thanks


The above blend is not complete so if someone wants to texture it they will have to delete 3 inside edges one by one on each rounded tile. Also check geometry on lower left leg on back as mine was ruined later on. If need be delete left half and mirror before deleting or dissolving selected edges as mentioned. Thanks

When I make an edge face out of multiple curved faces, mygeometry gets ruined. Or when I select an edge and dissolve selection. Why is blender doing this? Is there some way to prevent this? Thanks


I found out that you cannot do what I am trying to do on straight geometry. See here. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?439621-Is-there-a-problem-with-make-edge-face-and-dissolve-selection-in-2-79-on-bevel-surfac

i guess, you want the induvidual faces stand out as tiles?thats easy.first make sure your mesh is clean,ie remove doubles ect.then select all face you want to be as tile.then chose induvidual pivot center.then press I for inset,and while inset is active press I again for induvidual tile inset.thats it.now you can extrude the tiles out,bevel them,make edge loops,whatever you need.
hope that helps.