I wrote a... poem.

It’s kindof crude, but not super crude. No cursing or anything.

I went to the bathroom,
and then I saw a spoon,
I thought about what they used it for,
and then saw the guy and said, “What a goon!”

Then I went to the backyard,
as I saw a fork,
then I thought of four different uses,
and said, “I’m a dork!”

I went to the candy store,
then I took the bait,
the bait was,
some strawberry gummies,

Came back home later,
about eight,
and you remember that spoon?
There wasn’t any toilet paper.

Sorry if you thought this was unneeded. Post poems, if you want. Just try and keep the tone down, please.


My spoon for a roll of toilet paper on a fork!!
(after:“My kingdom for a horse”)

Does it actually have a meaning?
It might rhyme, but that doesn’t make it poetry.

Does it actually have a meaning?

Yes, it was fun to write and it might be fun to read.

it is fun to read :slight_smile: edit-> + it could get A in college class depending on teacher.

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lol :stuck_out_tongue:
I know such a teacher. Being provokative, standing out… those two things can get you more than following the rules and trying to go by the norm.

haha, I love it. just when you think there’s going to be somewhat of logic in it, it twists in a whole new direction.


You could pass that off as a System of a Down song.

lol probably