i386 or PPC

Hi there all. I’m VERY new to LINUX and BLENDER. I got LINUX yesterday and Installed it. Yeah it looks like I’m crossing over to the “FREE / OPENSOURCE SIDE” after a long life wit M$.
I got MANDRAKE LINUX 9.2 and was wondering what version of Blender to download? Do I use the i386 or the ppc of blender?

I have a GeForceFX 5200 wich GL version?? I know Mandrake 9.2 is optimised to run in i586? so as I understand it works Well with my AMD Athlon 2400+

I hope this to be a beginning of an excellent journey in the FREE Comunity.

If I get all this right I will be developing games for LINUX systems.
I got a game engine ( Uses C++ ) and it all works in the Windows environment now to learn Linux and Blender. :wink:

i386 should work just fine, the ppc stuff are for apples i think

yeah ppc is for macs, i386 is for pc

Cool stuff.

Thanks Peeps. i386 it is then - Cant wait.