i7 4790k board and GTX 780 card: Deactivate i7 onboard graphics?

I bought a new i7 4790k PC with a GTX 780 graphics card.
780 will be delivered in a few days so I’m using the onboard graphics for now…

What’s the best configuration after installing the 780?
Does it make sense to deactivate the onboard graphics (if possible)?
Will CPU rendering speed up when I deactivate onboard graphics?
Should both of my 1080p/60Hz screens be connected to the 780?
I’m looking for the best configuration for blender (but also for games :D)…
Thanks for any hints!

Normally the bios set preferences for the graphics card, it uses the one on-board if none is installed, then automatically switch to an installed card as soon at it detects it.

If that is not the case, you only need to go into your bios and set the preferences accordingly, which is slightly different from motherboard to motherboard!

Hi, Blender doesn´t profit from modern GPU for viewport and the new i7 GPU´s are very good.
In tests with my i5 HD 3000 it performed very well for Blender and I got all memory from my Nvidias for Cycles.
If you have only one external GPU and use it for Cycles and for display you get lagging if you render.
Try to use i7 GPU for displays and Nvidia GPU for Cycles only.
For gaming you have to switch display to GTX 780 and restart.
If you use GTX 780 only you loose 3-400 MB for displays, try it.

Cheers, mib

Hi, can I do this by simply plugging the monitor between CPU- and 780 view port or must I change any configuration/BIOS-settings to ‘switch’ between the two viewports?
I have a ASUS Z97-A motherboard…

Hi, mostly there is a setting for “First” display card and if it has an “Auto” setting the BIOS detect where the display is connected.
On older boards you have to set it manually this is very inconvenient.
Take a look to your board manual.

Cheers, mib

I can change in BIOS to auto but the info says when a pcie card is detected it will be automatically the primary display…
So I think I have to tweak the BIOS by hand any time I wanna change from cpu graphis to GTX780 graphics.
Very cumbersome…
But anyway, thanks for your suggestion!