Ian Hubert - Sketchbook

Oh man totally, yeah :smiley:

I filmed a greenscreen scene yesterday, and I wanted that kinda soft/eerie “cloud shadows moving across an open landscape” feeling, and it came together pretty well! I’m loving how powerful the Grass Essentials is- though I should probably play with it a bit more to get more variation.

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To be totally honest I’m not 100% sure how a flying tow truck would work…


A bit more environment work for a future scene :smiley:

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Been working on an animated sequence lately; I’m work hard to find that balance of of detailed, but not taking forever (and keeping render times quick!)


Heh, they could have used all those engines in The Expanse for Eros!

Nice image!

A little bit of obvious copy and pasting, but I decided it was time to make a few new buildings.


What are the render times on scenes like these?

Not crazy. This is like 4k and I really cranked the samples, so it was… 20 minutes? But I rendered out a 420 frame animation of this scene (2k), and it finished by the next day. Like… 2 minutes per frame?

That said, if I could get my CPU to render without freezing up, it could go nearly twice as fast.

That seems crazy. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one struggling to get good render times.

I think the reason this scene in particular renders so quick is I didn’t use any normal/bump mapping or displacements (I had two materials with bump mapping, and they shimmered like crazy till I took it off. Didn’t look as good, but it let me render waaay faster), and it’s actually all fairly low poly. The image textures carry a lot of the weight.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. It’s kind of insane just how much realism textures alone can bring. Have you tried rendering it in EEVEE and seeing if you can get the same quality?

I haven’t been able to get the same quality in eevee just yet- although even I can’t, I think it’s reaching a point where I wouldn’t mind trading a bit of realism for way faster renders, yeah :smiley:


You eevee work looks amazing Ian! Keep it uuuuup!

A collaboration I did with Kaitlin Romig a bit ago!

Also some wacky making of. Did the world’s laziest projection map onto a nightmare figure, which somehow worked okay, and project the room onto a box so the reflections in the bubble would line up alright.

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I’ve just found your Youtube channel. You make some sweet stuff! I love your lighting and the painterly feel your work has. Will you ever do a walkthrough about lighting?