Ian Kenny, Karnivool's Vocalist

Alright, this is my first attempt ever at sculpting a human face. I have sculpted some demons before (three, like, 3 years ago in Zbrush).

I have seen many videos about sculpting in blender so Im like mixing knowledge, changing and influencing the final result of my sculpt while testing out things. Not my ideal workflow for a tribute to the greatest vocalist from my entire music library, but whatever…Lets see how this ends and if I dont like it, im fuckin doing another one.

If this image gets some interest I can keep updating with more views, but for now im gonna post just this :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks very good. The likeness is there, but even without the likeness, nice sculpt.
Can you post a couple of more screenshots of different views? Just wondering how it holds up, although it looks totally solid from this view.

hey thanks for answering :slight_smile:

I already finished sculpting and posing the model. Need to fix just one little thing and then Im doing the setup for render. Im kinda happy about the finished result, there is some likeness, but I feel it has a lot of cartoonish-feeling and proportions. Also the head is quite thinner than It should be I think, but whatever. Im calling this done. As I really like the cartoony sculptures out there, and it is what I will be focusing on in the future, Im pleased. But anyway, I would have liked the sculpture to be as realistic as It could…whatever, my first human sculpture.

Preview image with simmetry


Posed preview… Here the sculpt lost a lot of likeness I think, but I had to try it out.


Have to give thanks to masterxeon`s videos because he is the main source of influence to my workflow over this sculpture.