Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Model: IBanez Acoustic Guitar

modeling time: 2 hours
textures and materials: 1 hour
render time: 15 mins

render engine: Blender Internal (clearly)

Looking for help on improving lighting and anything else that you think I could change.
Im also planning on selling this model on Turbosquid if anyone is interested ;).

great model, but there should be a reflection on the guitar (Unless you’re going for a cartoon-ish look)

The wood texture looks flat, there need to be more definition to the wood grain. But other than that it looks good, better than what I could do!

Pretty good to get this result after 2 hours of modelling. I’m a huge procrastinator and I look more at references than I spend modelling really. :smiley:
Your model seems to be lacking a bit in detail around the tuning keys though. It’s a bit hard to tell however since I can’t see all the detail from these images.

Yes! finally some comments :smiley:

@yea thanks for pointing that out. I have to turn up the reflection on the lighter grained wood, Im just dreading rendering another 40 minute render on this crappy processor…

A close up view of the upper neck(i don’t know the technical term)

And another test render with some DOF.

I think i improved the lighting and texture so here is an update
critiques and comments are welcome and appreciated :smiley:

EDIT: i just noticed that the wood texture is tiled way too much. Back to rendering…

Very nice. I see nothing (Other than the over-tiled texture) wrong with it.

@Tech Wreck
Good! That really what I was hoping for someone to say, because I have no idea how else i could improve the model, lol.

I fixed the tiled texture.

I Think im finally done with the model. Very happy with the way it turned out. Now time to make a scene! Oh joy…

Very nice! Looks very real. Make some drums and a few other types of guitars and you’ll be well on your way to making a bandroom of some kind!

cool piece of art… this made me think of getting a new acoustic guitar and continue my career as a guitar player:slight_smile:

So, in my opinion, it’s looking pretty realistic. These are just small details to change, but here’s how I would improve it:

  1. Add more definition to the fretboard texture, it’s not standing out much.
  2. Detail the inside some. As I write my brother is playing guitar, and I can see a little interior structure which I don’t see on your model.
  3. The tuner area should be just a little darker.
  4. The tuners themselves seem a little flat, maybe I’ll be able to see the reflections more when you have a scene around it.

These are very minor details but they could make the model look really splendid. Looking forward to see what you do with it.

nice guitar!

some ideas how to improve it even further:

can you post a wireframe view of that headstock?