Ibanez Bass Guitar

I should have posted this a long time ago. I’m sure you guys could have helped me get this far a lot sooner than I did. Please give me any suggestions you have.
Here are things I already know about:
The floor is just to have something behind it. It’s NOT staying. I know the boards are too short.
The springs on the bridge screws are too “dainty”. I need to make them bigger/thicker.
The knobs need that rough, crossed, texture. (I need help with that one).

Come on guys! Give me Something!


Come on guys, Help me out.

good model - some proportioning looks out. I count 6 strings but the neck looks wide like a base 4 string…also the bridge looks larger than it needs to be. Finally… the controls look too close to the strings . Might just be the projection:D

Deltawing is right. Those two upper controlls would seriously inhibit palm muting.

Thanks for the reply. The proportioning of the neck to the strings must just be a product of having it turned the way it is in the render. Same for the knobs. I modeled it from a straight on reference picture. I’ll attach a screen shot below of my knobs/neck/strings on top of the reference picture. Hope it shows up, I’m not terrebly experienced at the posting thing yet.

The bridge on the model is just a little bigger than the ref picture but I am actually modeling “my” bass which is a little older model of the same bass. Mine actually has a bridge this size (and it’s black with gold hardware).


Are you modeling this with bezier curves???

I tried a couple of different things on the body. I did one with bezier curves and it worked great except I couldn’t get the cut-away on the back. I did it the next time with subsurf and that worked pretty well too. I did the neck with that “skinning” technique because it was shaped different at different points from bottom all the way up through the head. The bridge and knobs are done with curves. The pickups are also curves (extruded and beveled slightly). The strings are curves with a bump map to simulate the round wound strings. The tuners (which you can’t see) were subsurf.