Ibanez Electric Guitar

i started learnign blender about a year ago but i couldn’t do it very well…so now im trying to modle the new guitar i just got…and Ibanez Destroyer. the last time i tried to do a guitar i did it in all one piece and it was very difficult and hrd to do alot of detail so im gunna do this one piece by piece and learning how to do everyhting as i go. so far iv got what the pickups ar gunna look like…tell me what u think


I can’t see the image :-?

ya i know i cant figure out y the image wont show up…here ifu want to see it just copy and paste this


sorrry bout that if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong let me know

Get an account at www.photobucket.com, upload your image and copy & paste the IMG code into your message.
Looks pretty nice so far, can’t wait to see more :smiley: