Ibanez Electric Guitar

Hey folks, haven’t posted for a while so thought I’d share this Ibanez guitar I’ve been working on. I seem to gravitate back to guitars whenever I can’t think of anything else to build!

These were rendered in cycles @ 750 samples, using the filmic blender colour management. The materials were all made using Blender Guru’s PBR node set up as a starting point. I’m amazed at what a difference that node set up has made to my renders! :o

Any comments or feedback always appreciated.



Amazing work! Like it from modeling to light !

Thanks Doisy! :o

Which Ibanez model is this?

It’s based on the jem. Obviously I haven’t modelled the hand grip through the body. I still might add this in but I kinda like it without. Still on the fence about that!

Looks great! Any shots of back / the neck wood?

Super work, worthy as a product shot. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the delayed reply! I know there’s some weird texture stretching in this one. I did fix that but can’t find the render.

Cheers!! Appreciate it!