Ibanez LACS 8-string (Meshuggah signature)

Some quick weekend project coming together.
Still need some parts and materials. Wood/some part materials are just thrown there as a placeholders.

EDIT. New renders.


Pratopratopratopratopra… Bleed.
I love this band, and your model is pretty cool.
Wood resolution is a bit too low I think

Thanks! Yeah, the wood texture isn’t final. Did more modeling and texturing. Now there are decent strings and better wood material.



Some worn out textures. Seems that the map size isn’t big enough for the closeup shots, but it would not be problem on the final renders. Got some ideas already. :slight_smile:

nice model… one of my dreams when I`ll win in lottery…think less bump map un the humb and more destructive at the body… body is much to glossy… should look more like dirt :slight_smile: also the deep strings ( I mean that are fat strings ) should be wired…ibanez knobs also have a kind of diamond structure for bump or geometry or normals… like fine tuning parts… make it more dirty :wink:


edit :wink:

volume knops are to smal in diameter i think :wink: cool model… wish I had it in my hands

Thanks! Actually there are texture on the bass side strings and should look like wired. The material still needs some tweaking.
I’ll add some bump map on the screws as well. And those metal parts need some good aging.
Btw. Thanks for the link! Good old times. :smiley:

And yeah. More dirt!

metal parts do never age :wink: try to play a bit with lighting Icon…and some good environmet…Makes sense I think. Good Luck and \m/…

As I meant with aging I meant the wear of the coating. :open_mouth:
But yeah, environment makes big difference.

Gimme da DJENT! :wink: (I hate this term, kind of a poor name for a genre, but well)
A really nice model, especially the detail of the string mount looks convincing. I think the wood material just lacks some glossiness. I have looked at some images and it looks like with a dark wood like this, most of the wood pattern comes through in the roughness of the specularity, actually not too much within the diffuse. Are you using the Internal Renderer?

Nah, I use Cycles. Yeah, the material needs more tweaking. I’ll tweak it and take it finished.

Hi Icon,

some progress? Did you finish that nice pice of metal guitar? I mean it looked great. I personally would place that guitar on a scrapheap to have a nice environment… I realy want to see it finished :slight_smile:

cheers and rock`n roll

It’s near finished but I’m going to place it in some kind of living room environment.
Maybe I’ll texture the bridge. More worn and some scratches.