Ibiza sunset


This is a Ibizan sunset whit infinity pool and everything since start the summer, at least for this geographic part.

Modeled in Blender, rendered in cycles and post phostoshop.

His passes:

A snapshot of the viewport to see the distribution of the scene, lights and other.

I hope you like it, Greetings.

Good work, but yuor lighting setup is strange…area lamps above on the patio produces wrong shadows.

Yeah i agree with @peperepe77, the shadows make it look like the sun is still up in the sky, instead of it sun setting.

Thnkx Pepe and 3d unlimited

Yes , I agree too , maybe whit the sun of background a bit to the left looks more esactly the shadows. But the effect whit the statue was so nice i could not resist, hehe

Thanks for the comments, Cheers.