IBL for studio setup?

I’ve been doing searches for different terms but obviously I either don’t know the right one or there isn’t yet a thread about it.

I’m trying to light a car model of mine by using yafray and image based lighting (ibl). I’ve got some nice skies and such but I am aiming for a studio lighting setup. The kind with white planes reflecting the light. Now from reading blenderart magazine no.3 I know hdr files for this type of lighting exists. In fact, on page 7 of said magazine you can see an example. But I can’t seem to find one for use with my model.

So what I am trying to ask: Where do I find neutral hdr images where neutral means “containing light information without background”?

Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:

if you dont want to see the background you will have to use the alpha channel to composite the background.

Try this file. Found it online not too long ago.


Wonderful! That’s what I was looking for!!

Thank you much!