IBL Toolkit - Beta (wip) - expanding panoramas with rendered elements

Hi there,

I’m writing an addon to help with scene reconstruction and lighting with IBL files.
It’s still in its Beta version and I’m evaluating it in production only now, so things should change.


Readme: http://www.dalaifelinto.com/ftp/impa/ibl_toolkit.txt
Download (import as addon): http://www.dalaifelinto.com/ftp/impa/ibl_toolkit_beta.zip

I will do a nice teaser video and documentation (way) later. So for now you can get instructions in the readme file and see some screens here:

The original teaser with old screenshots can be found here:


Note: my goal is to use luxrender as final renderer, but all the modelling and editing is to be done inside Blender


your addon looks great!
i am trying to use your ibl addon but cant enable it after install.
Any Ideas whats wrong with my setup?

thx in advance.


Hi, you need a newer version of Blender.
(one with my patch for glsl support for bgl)
Get a build from http://builder.blender.org

Also, remember to read the readme :wink:
Until a final release comes out, this is where all the documentation will be.

hi is this plugin still under developement ?
i try it with blender 2.79 and i got error: