IBL video

Here is a extremely crunched down avi file that uses EESHLOS IBL script. The file is still 1.08 megs which was the best I could do. A LOT of quality was lost, but I think you will still find that the over all feel of it is still there. Suggestions on reducing the size would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the URL: http://home.att.net/~j.yount/Natural_light.avi


It is SO DARK!!! Are you sure you are using IBL? That object on the pedestal is so dark I cannot even say it is lit :frowning:


I’m positive. The day is cloudy the object is black… what can I say. :slight_smile: It consist of 1 or 2 spots and a couple dozen lamps.

in honesty, i can make out some good realism in the scene, but its extremely dark…cant u brighten up the scene so we know things are there? :wink:

Mabey you lost to much in the compression of the video, Balancing file size and quality is tricky, try rendering with less compression and mabey we can see some of the script in action… :slight_smile:

The NDN…

I have remade the movie file but the my server appears to be down at the moment so I’ll try again tomorrow. :frowning:

Well I somehow managed to post half of the file before I got a server error. So this may have to do for now. :slight_smile:


Here also is a still image from the movie.


it is only fair at best. maby don’t make the object black?

It is obviously CG when I am looking at it.