Icarus 2.09

Does anyone have a live link to Icarus 2.09? I have looked for quite a while but come up empty handed.



Try this, I’m not sure what version he has up though.

Last time I look (last week) Colin’s site has MAC V2.09 and Windows v2.08. Not sure why he does not have Windows v2.09, as he is the “official keeper” of the free versions. I don’t know where to get Windows v2.09 any more. It used to be on FileShack, but now it’s gone.


I can upload it for you if you like.

He has 2.07. Thats the version i currently have.

Jaycam if you could upload it that would be awesome.

Here’s the download link for Windows Icarus 2.09, I also incuded the import script in the zip file, I don’t know if there is a newer script or not.

If the link doesn’t work just let me know.

Thanks a lot.

just what i was looking for :slight_smile:

Damn it, icarus acidentily got deleted when i uninstalled Wax2.0e. It must have thought icarus was one of its files because they were in the same folder. The link is now down as well. Does anyone have another copy?

Can some reupload the file?

The file wasn’t deleted, something was wrong with the link so I updated the link, I hope it works OK now.

Thankyou so much… again.