Icarus + Blender

Hello guys,
first of all you must know that i am a german and a noob. So, when you anser please don t use strange vocabularies. Thanks.

I wanted to know how to put things made in blender in real film , in which these models should look realistic. So, i found 3d track motion and icarus.

So, I made a “human readable” filetype. Then i used a plugin (??) ICARUS_import234_2.py . And could import an icarus file (human readable) .

I could “Feature Points Mesh” . But i couldn 't “Create Curves” . "Error… check console " or so. The console says:

DeprecationWarning: integer argument expected, got float

Traceback(most recent call last):
File “ICARUS_import234_2.py” , line 557, in bevent
File “ICARUS_import234_2.py” , line 557, in MakeIpoCurves
AttributeError: 'IpoCurve" object has no attribute ‘points’ .

Can someone help me??