Icarus Import script

I wonder if there’s an import script for blender to use icarus motion data? Took what felt like a lifetime to find icarus, then the only import script I could find for blender wasn’t for windows…Anyone…please…help. :smiley:

You found Icarus?!?!?!?!?!

Could you please post the link, or the program.

Then I MIGHT be able to help with a script…



Hey there Deep Thought I hope this helps, http://files.filefront.com/Icarus_209/;3922266;;/fileinfo.html I managed to find an import script but it only works for blender 2.4, so that’s what I’m using for all the motion tracked shots. I’d love to get it working with 4.1a, maybe someday. Oh yeah this is Icarus 2.9 the last version before it became phtrack If you want to get the script post back. happy hunting.

Just so I can lay this thread to rest I’m happily working icarus and blender 2.41a together now. I setup 3d cam motion in 2.4, saved then opened in 4.1a (doh!) I had problems with motion blur though but that was fixed easily enough by appenending Cam data to a new camera in a fresh scene, and it worked beautifully. I’m really having a blast working Blender and Icarus together It’s Rocking!

Hi again,

thanks for the link, Icarus rocks. I looked for a while ago, but that was before I discovered elYsiun.

one more question, I searched high and low, but only found the import script for 2.34, which doesn’t work in 2.4.

Could you post a link to the import script you got?

Thanks heaps again


that import script will work if you have blndr 2.34, get your data in that one and later open the file in a newer blender

Hi Again

I have a better solution

I emailed the creator of the import script, and he has updated it to 2.41, and it works!!!

Way cool.

PM me and I can send you a copy, or email him (Alfredo I think), his addy is on the peerless productions website.


hey there Dt can you send me a copy? [email protected]

Could I please have a copy of the newest script as well?
[email protected]

thanks so much!

What type of file do I have to export to from Icarus, and what basic setup do I need in blender for this to work?

Help is very appreicated, thanks

-nevermind, I got it

glad you got it. Let me know how you got on I’ve had mixed results with Icarus some good some way way bad. tripod shots have been reasonable hand held…forget about it…for now. If you manage to pull off some good hand held shots tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I just started missing with icarus this weekend. I do not have the pdf manual for it so i am having to work in the dark. I anyone has it please PM me.

There are excellent video tute on http://www.peerlessproductions.com/vfx.html. I manage to import the human txt file from icarus in to blender. I have the tracking dots showing in blender. The only problem I am having is what do you do next how do you add an object to the scene and also how do render.
thnx in advance

The pdf manual should be in the installation directory (it is on Windows)

The idea is to treat it like a normal blender scene. Add you 3d stuff asa per normal, but make it sit it the live-plate as you want it to. Then it should (I mean should, not will…) lock onto the background.

as for rendering, whats the problem? The background images won’t render in the final render, you’ll have to do that in post (use Wax or blenders nodes or sequence editor).

Hope this helps, but feel free to ask any more q’s.


I’m playing with the same program.

The tracking dots just give you a good reference on where to position your objects in relation to the external footage.

Here’s a little test and the nodes I used (You need a CVS version of Blender for the node editor).



Duhh:rolleyes: I now know where to get the manual.

Have you guys had any luck using avi files with icarus? I downloaded and installed directx onto my computer accoding to the manual. But I still can not get avi files to run in icarus.

I have a mini dvd camcorder that i am using. How do i convert that to a an avi icarus will recognize.

thnx in advance

If you’ve got a mini DVD camcorder, you’ll most likely need an AVI MPEG2 codec, if it’s a mini DV camera, you’ll need a Video for Windows DV codec.

I do it this way, open the file in Virtual dub, and save as a targa sequence. Icarus should always read those.

I couldn’t get avi’s or mpgs to load, had to convert to quicktime.


Thats probably for the best
in my opinion, the best codec for DV is Avid DV, the best for animation is QT Animation, and for small sized tests is Sorenson 3 (I think this is the one I mean), and they’re all QuickTime codecs!!!

I still prefer Targa sequences though, for lots of reasons


Actually, did you try loading the sample avis that ship with Icarus, they worked fine for me?

Ok guys, I am still messing around the format to import video in to icarus. I am pretty new to the video format topic. So excuss me for askin the basic questions.
For starts how do you convert avi file to quicktime. I am pretty sure there is and easier method than the one i cam up with.
what i am doing is using blender to convert avi to mov. this i did by using movie material to a plane and positontion the camera according and rendered it as quicktime. I can then import the resulting mov file into icarus.


if it’s a mini DV camera, you’ll need a Video for Windows DV codec.
another dumb question–>where do you get windows dv codec?

I still prefer Targa sequences though, for lots of reasons
i promise this last stupid question “for now” I used virtualdub to make targa files. it resulted in about 200 files. Now how do i tell icarus which of these files to import.

thnx in advance