Icarus motion tracking test

As the subject says, this is my first attempt of a compositing with “Icarus” as motion-tracker… The static Object’s still move around a bit, but I think it’s because I configured Icarus a way it was fast, but not that precice…
Anyway, hobe you enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Click here to watch Fliege_III

Try blurring the edges and making it lighter. It doesn’t really match the lighting.

Did u get this idea from the blneder “hologram” post not to long ago? :wink:

Interesting. But yeah, you should adjust the lighting and perhaps make the creature or whatever it is a little more interesting model- and texture-wise. You also have the same laptop as me ;).

Well, it’s just a test, the creature is a 2 min. model. :wink:
An yes, that hologram post kinda made me wana know how something like that works. :slight_smile:

Im having real trouble finding icarus can anyone help me…

here u have it http://www.salatar.com/icarus.exe 2.09, and now, go calibrate :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, you rock…