Icarus user, need help with Blender import

Hello, I’ve been experimenting with Icarus a lot lately (and posting useless threads about it :rolleyes: )

Just today I tried to export a fully 3D, free motion track, which looked perfect in Icarus, but when it appeared in Blender, I found that the motion was entirely wrong. It ends at a different frame than the original video, it shakes up and down, the virtual camera fluctuates in FOV, and the points just don’t line up. It does seem to be following the track roughly, though, so it’s not just the wrong data.

I’m pretty sure it’s not offset by a certain number of frames (I tried some ipo adjustment). The wrong-ness of the camera motion doesn’t seem to have any particular pattern to it, even though it’s kind of smooth.

If anyone has had a problem like this before with Icarus, I would like to know what you did to solve it.

I wish someone had responded to this, because I was just about to post the exact same question.

To add to the question (at least in my case) I did do a bundle adjust. I followed Colin Levy’s tutorial. Like Jergling said, it looked SO promising in Icarus and then fell apart when I got it to Blender.

I worked on this a little more, and it appears to be that Icarus is exporting a “Restricted Camera” version, and there’s nothing the end user can do about that. I did manage to improve a little by re-calibrating and then bundle adjusting, but it still slides around a lot, and has problems with incorrectly interpolated tracking points. There are a few points which float around and throw off the entire track, and I just can’t fix them.