Ice Chandelier from "Frozen"

Hi all! Once I made one ice chandelier model and material… Now I think that I haven’t much experience with modeling and shading. Few days ago I made new model of ice chandelier according to image from Google and with correct proportions. As a references I used images from the movie. Here are my renders :wink:
500 or 2000 samples for volume scatter ones. About 3-5 hours for volume scatter images. Post pro in photoshop. Please rate, comment and enjoy my labour :smiley:

More images :wink:

I wanted to care even of least important details so I made that “hook” thing that prevents construction from falling on the ground.

Very good light ! Your rendering time is long ? An animated version is possible ?

Thanks :wink: Render with volume scatter takes about 3-5 hours (2000 samples), without it about 1-2 hours (500 samples). I won’t do any animation with this because i think that still images shows details better than compressed video :wink:

Wow that material is really amazing.

This is awesome!!! :d

I’m very happy, because my work got featured on Facebook.

Without material it’s not so impressive :confused:

I’ve got new image :smiley: You can view chandelier from the top (in the movie you are not allowed to watch it from this position). Also, I have a quesstion guys: Is there any way I can improove it: shaders modeling or what? There’s no perfect thing in the world and almost everything can be improoved, in this case too :wink: I’m also curious if I should continue working with blender (am I talented etc.)…