Ice cream cone

My last ice cream cone, made with blender and krita.I hope you like :wink:


Very nice!
I like the Overall Look and the nice Details. Are the small holes in the ICE cream displacement or a normal/bump map?

Yummy!!! verrry nice!!! looks realistic yet beautiful!!!
BTW can I know what OS or Destop Environment you are using???

nice work! Could share material nodes?

Nice! Just one critism. Front of cream is much more ‘iced’.

Ah! One of those ice cream cones that comes in a wrapper. Looks very realistic, especially the cone. Well done.

Welcome to Blender Artists :smiley:

Very nice work!

Looks very good!
Maybe can be done also a melted vesion?
The cone is multires sculpting? In how much time?

Nice work!

Delicious render :slight_smile:

very real, nice work

cool…bdw is it evolve os?

Was only the background done in krita or was other things done in it?

Looks really good! But it’s too perfect at the moment. I definitely needs some sculpting. like making it so that it’s not too symmetrical :slight_smile:

This looks great. Many food renders are rejected because the food looks unappetizing. Your piece has no problem with this.

Now I want one.
Looks really great, if I wasn’t part of the community and you sent me this, not telling me that you did this on Blender. I would think that it was real.

How did you do the cone? That’s amazing and it looks like the real thing.