Ice cream sking

My most recent work, would appreciate some critique. I’ve challenged myself to create a fun, yet visually sophisticated ice cream scene. Rendered in Marmoset tool bag 3, textured in substance painter and modeled in blender :slight_smile:

You really have to work on your materials, dude. You need a few things:

  1. Think out your background and lighting carefully. These will draw out the interest and the detail in your model.

  2. Composition. What feeling do you want the viewer to feel? Figure out what camera angle and lighting will draw out that feeling.

    To put it bluntly, it looks like you’ve put no effort whatsoever into the materials. I can’t even tell if you’re rendering in BI or Cycles. (Please go with Cycles.)

You’ll need subsurface scattering on the cherry.
The ice cream lacks any surface detail, making it look all melty. You should go for something between frosty ice cream and snow.
The cone looks like it’s plastic. This needs to change.

Re-render after you’ve put some effort into composition, lighting, and materials. You can either take my advice for materials (stylized subject, photoreal materials) or go full-on stylized (toon shader with a tiny light source). Pick an aesthetic.