Ice Cream (With a Cherry on Top)

Hey guys, im back, just experimenting with organic renders. I modelled a basic shape for the cone first, then i subdivided it about 50 times and sculpted in all the details by hand. The materials are all
procedural, the cone was the most difficult to get right, as there is alot of detail which can be missed, that can ruin the realism.

The key to making it look more organic for me would the be the use of sub surface scattering which all the materials have, including the sprinkles, ice cream, cone, and the cherry. I was worried about composition but i think its ok, because it was originally just one ice cream cone, which seemed too simple. The chocolate drizzle was a fluid simulation set to the honey preset. After i found a frame i was happy with, i applied the simulation and sculpted out the imperfections, but thats where i’d have to say the worst part of the render is, simply due to the geometry of the chocolate.

Anyway, i’m happy with this render, and I hope all you guys enjoy it too.

Heres just another closer render.


Everything looks great here, but the cones look outstanding. The aerated texture you designed looks ultra realistic.

Great work… and now I’m hungry.

why thank you :smile: im glad you like the cone, it was the bit i spent most of my time on. And the aerated effect is more of an illusion aha, basically a noise texture as a bump map, an inverse bump added to that and on the base color, a mixture of three different hues of yellow and brown, with small brown dots added to give the illusion of holes. thank you so much