Ice Cream


(stanland) #21

I made a background in photoshop! :slight_smile:

(Member) #22

Very nice texture looks awesome…

(Strob) #23

Superb! I love CGI food! Yours look so good!

(Kyle Anthony F Nierras) #24

What is your node setup for you ice cream. btw it looks good and delicious.

(pepinski) #25

That does look tasty! well done! Did you use (micro)displacement? Or just clever normal noise maps?

(stanland) #26

My node setup is very messy, i need to clean my node setup before i show it! :stuck_out_tongue:

(stanland) #27

Just clever procedural noise setup! :slight_smile:

(pepinski) #28

good stuff

(M2o) #30

Awesome work man!!

Could you show chocolate nodes? It’s impressive…

(Paul milles) #31

Ice Cream
I like it and take every day in the night.