Ice Cube Wall Wallpapers

(mrmunkily) #1

Some wallpaper I made for fun…,
blender was a small step in the conversion pipeline. the cube (real sophisty-cated right?) was done in wings. The rest is eeshlo’s latest LF export and a night of caustic renderosity.
(the original was the blue one. the others are hue shifts in the gimp)

(malefico) #2

Sweet ! very well done munkily !

/me setting wallpaper

(though I’m a blackbox guy :wink: )

(JD-multi) #3

mmhh very nice, where’s the tute? I know how to model a ice cube but how did you add the lightning ?

(mrmunkily) #4

It’s lightflow

(BgDM) #5

Looks great. I wish I could tie up my comp for 2 days to make a render. My Lightflow tests have been encouraging. Just need to get the time to run some stuff.


(BMD) #6

i am still trying to export to VLight GUI, but it is consistantly saying “no module named os”

What’s that?
(don’t make fun of me too much, i know absolutely nothing in python)

Good job though,
wish i could try…

(dreamsgate) #7

that is one sweet image, love the lighting!

(S68) #8

Very cool!

How long rendering that was?


(Detritus) #9

Nice work! Really good-looking!