Ice cube

Bigger version :

Here is the ic3 cube that I modelled. I don’t understand those gray spots. The water could use some work also. How do I get good looking water. This is the first time I’ve worked with transparency. Could someone help me? I’ve been using blender for about 2 1/2 months on and off. I like it… I like it a lot. C & C welcome

OMG, it’s not that bad is it? Come on, someone plz help me.

it’s pretty good matey! what are you doing over here? lol

the water (from melting) isn’t quite right…it needs to be much clearer and not so much surface tension…the cube it self is alright…but it too needs to be slightly clearer…good try though! i did Ic3 Cubes a little while back and they didn’t turn out any better - keep it up! :wink:

Thanks, I know I need to work on the water, but I don’t understand the grey on the icecube. Also, how can i improve the water? Like what can I do?

The water looks like it could use some transparency and a look of surface tension.

How the crap do i get surface tension?

Cool idea. The water and the ice look too different. The water material definatly need changing, esp. the spec. Try melting an ice cube on your desk and mimicking it.

what are, you into coping peoples stuff and then using it to make you look good?!

add raytransp of 5 for the fres and translucency of 1…don’t use glow and maybe just alittle Add …

surface tension is the puddle…it needs to be thinner… everything else is okay…if you want to Yafray it you could also add caustics but that would mean redoing the entire material…


The melted water seems a bit too thick on the left part of the image. I may be just imagining it though. It should also be more reflective of the surroundings (meaning you should actually have surroundings or use HDRI to “fake” it). I think it also needs to be more transparent too.

Ice cube looks good the way it is, in my opinion. Maybe it could be less transparent in the middle and more transparent on the outside, like how an ice cube from the freezer looks. You could possibly mimic that affect by adding a mesh on the inside. Or maybe I’m crazy and that would make it look terrible :wink: :-?