Ice Ice Baby...

“Yeah those cubes are fun…”
“Yeah not cool 'nuf huh? I didn’t spend too much time on them, just to learn something new in the program I use…”
“Meh, you should try something new!”
“Good, as long as it isn’t organic…”
“Hehe, sure. Lemme think… A SCHAATS! :D”

Friggin’ hell. Ice skate shall it be, (schaats == ice skate). So here my first screen of the ice skate and my initial question:

How do I make nice planes of the warped ones? No need to tell which ones are warped, take a look right here!

So for the record, I want those warped planes to be more or less nice planes like the ones more on the left.


Well, it looks like you got a subdivide plane and crumpled it, which is a little messy, yeah.

Hmmm… Something you could do would be make a new mesh and delete all the vertices, then (in vertex editing mode) ctrl click to start placing vertices all along the edge of the skate, keeping them well spaced out, tracing the edge of the plane, keeping the amount of vertices even and low for easy quad creation. Once you have the outline, start connecting them across to make edges, keeping the flow of the shape. Then make them into quads, and maybe smooth-subdivide them once, and start working from there, using a sub-surf modifer to keep them smooth. That’s just one way of doing it, though, and it might be horribly impractical, for all I know.

Hahaha, I did that before, but i’m no tracing wonder. I redid the job with a lower count of faces and verts and just add a loopcut where I felt the need to apply one. Here’s the result.

Here’s the tracing result.

w00t. :smiley:

It is actually starting to look like a skate now! :cool:


Yay! Anywho, nice job so far.

Uhm… yeah I could do with some help. :smiley:

How would you create the laces?

“How would you create the laces?”

Bezier curves with a bezier circle as bevel object.

Ooh, ooh, I did laces with curves. They’re on my guy, who’s currently hidden somewhere in the WIP forum. Anyway, the curves work well, yeah. :]